SOUNDS LIVE (non-profit organisation) books jazz concerts at the Sounds Jazz Club since November 2021 on a mainly volunteer basis, with a very tight budget (for now!) and almost no public support. Sounds Live’s aim is to be able to pay performers a fixed and decent fee as soon as possible. But with 4 events a week, the will to offer a good technical environment and a first season of trials and errors in a post(?)-Covid period, we can not realistically guarantee every band a fixed and/or standardized fee.

If you’re reading this document, financial terms and conditions have been discussed ahead and we have submitted to you various options taking the band’s renown into account, the timeframe of the gig, the competition with other jazz events that might take place the same night, on a risk sharing basis. Here are the different solutions (One or the other may not be applicable to your situation and therefore has not been suggested to you.) :

  • Fixed fee negotiated with the artistic director when validating the date.
  • 100% of entry fees, with an entry price between 8 and 25 euros, agreed upon with the programmer*
  • 100% of entry fees, with an entry price between 8 and 25 euros, agreed upon with the programmer* + and the club provides a minimum fee (for touring bands only)
  • No fee but the show is filmed with 3 cameras by a professional crew, the music is mixed and the band will receive 100 minutes of a high-quality caption of the performance.

* total amount validated transparently at the end of the service, including presales and any tips.

As part of a negotiated fixed fee, the band leader or his representative will provide SOUNDS LIVE with an invoice for the overall amount defined, which will be paid within 28 working days following the show.

In case of a door deal agreement, two scenarios are possible :

  1. The total amount does not exceed 132 euros per musician: possibility of being paid via the small indemnity scheme. (RPI)
  2. The overall amount exceeds 132 euros per musician, the leader of the band or his representative will provide a global invoice to SOUNDS LIVE, which will be paid within 28 working days of the performance.

In any case, Sounds Live is allowed to have 10 guests (donors, partners, professionals) without compensation or justification.

In the case of a negotiated fixed fee, the band is entitled to a total of 4 guests (6 for bands of 6 musicians or more).

Each band gets the opportunity to rehearse at the club for 3 hours during the two weeks preceding the performance or on the same day before 6 pm and according to a schedule to be established with Sounds Live.

Each musician of the band will receive a meal taking into account any special diets and 4 jazz coins valid for a beer, a soft drink or a glass of wine (2 jazz coins for a cocktail under 10 euros).

The band leader or his representative agrees to complete the information requested in the following form: https://forms.gle/6E68hc8sTmRU9eeg6 within 10 days after receiving this document.

The band agrees to arrive at the club no later than one hour before the start of the performance and to notify the club of any possible delay.

The available material and backline can be viewed at the following link: http://sounds.brussels/technic with the code SergioRosy1986. The group will bring any additional equipment necessary for its performance. * THE LINK IS NOT ACTIVE YET but will be in November 2021. In the meantime, the club has a piano (Yamaha C3), drums (Custom), and a complete PA. For any technical question: joachim@sounds.brussels

The band leader or his representative agrees to share the event on their networks and social media profiles..

In the event of cancellation due to force majeure (this includes a decision by the authorities for sanitary reasons), no amount will be due by SOUNDS LIVE to the band and SOUNDS LIVE will not be required to postpone the date. SOUNDS LIVE undertakes, however, to do everything in its power to obtain compensation in the form of a subsidy if this is offered by the authorities and to compensate the artists if possible.

If you have not already done so, please mark your agreement via the following link: https://forms.gle/6E68hc8sTmRU9eeg6

We are looking forward to welcoming you at the Sounds Jazz Club,

Joachim, Fanny, Manu and the Sounds Live crew.


* For accommodation/invoices/transportation inquiries please contact Fanny: fanny@sounds.brussels