“Following reactions to our editorial below, we would like to clarify that Sounds Live never claimed that there would be no jazz after its departure from Sounds 28, Rue de la Tulipe. What Sounds Resist does after our departure is none of our business. Our model, built in 2021 at this location will continue elsewhere. Nor was the purpose of our editorial to imply that Sounds Live has a more respectable or legal policy for paying legal policy for paying artists than the one practiced by Sounds Resist”.



27 March 2024

Hi to everyone!

This is an important announcement about the future of your jazz club!

After serving as the foundation for the re-opening of the legendary Sounds Jazz Club in November2021 and after reclaiming its place on the list of the greatest jazz clubs in Europe thanks to its very high quality concert programme, while remaining friendly, fun and open to all, Sounds Live ASBL is obliged to leave 28 rue de la Tulipe on 30 June 2024.

The Sounds Resist ASBL, mandated by the building’s landlords, has decided to end the contract between us. Despite several months of discussions and our determination to find a compromise, the commercial, relational and organisational facts on the ground, as well as differences over the management and vision concerning the project, have rendered cohabitation of the two associations too difficult and made it impossible to continue the organisation of the jazz club in this venue.

It is with a very heavy heart that we are going to cease our activities in 28 rue de la Tulipe despite our outstanding success and the huge pleasure we have derived from hosting you four evenings every week.
Our non-profit organisation Sounds Live is of the opinion that its model for running a real jazz club is crucial to its operation and its coherent existence. In order to not only fulfil our role as a leading light of the Brussels jazz scene and a major influence on it, but also to ensure the financial stability of theassociation that has consistently given artists top priority, we are not prepared to compromise on our fundamental principles. These principles have translated into musical excellence, late opening hours, offering musicians decent remuneration, a concert agenda featuring both local and international artists, high quality jam sessions and at least four concerts every week. Unfortunately, the people responsible for the venue do not want to sign up to the project we have pursued over the last two and a half years and so we are unable to continue our vision on the premises at 28 rue de la Tulipe, despite our affection and attachment to this mythical and historic jazz venue.
In order to be able to continue with our project, we must therefore find a new venue to install our equipment and to bring with us the unique atmosphere that we have been able to create.

We will continue with our concert agenda in 28 rue de la Tulipe until the end of the season in June 2024 and we hope to be in a position to start over in a new venue as soon as possible. We are open to all serious offers of partnership to pursue our adventure in whatsoever form this may take, including renting, investors, venues made available by local government and so on.

In the meantime, were are not twiddling our thumbs: we will organise concerts and jam sessions in partner venues as of September 2024. We will give you further details very shortly and we are looking forward to welcoming as many of you as possible during our final months in 28 rue de la Tulipe!

Given that we organise more than 160 concerts per year, have unique artistic expertise, offer the best local and international artists, host jam sessions of extraordinary quality and with an inimitable atmosphere, Brussels would be quieter and its culture poorer if we were to disappear…

Please share our search for a new venue as widely as possible – the sooner we find a new venue, the shorter the silence will last!

Sounds Jazz Club as you have known it since it re-opened in November 2021 will cease to exist but get ready for the opening of a new jazz club with even more ambition to offer the very best, led by the same team with even more motivation!

Long live jazz!

Sounds Live ASBL